Dear Franchisee,

If there are more days each week when you say "I wish I was doing something else," than those days when you say, "I truly love running my franchise," we should talk! Regardless of your motivation, I believe we can help you sell your franchise–economically. As a matter of fact, our motto is, "If you knew what we know, you could sell your own franchise."

Drawing on my 20 year history in franchising and business brokerage, I've developed a service called the "Franchise Resale By Owner Program" which is an ideal solution for any franchisee wishing to make a career change. This program is unique in franchising and capitalizes on years of experience gained by being involved in thousands of small business and franchise sales and resales. We are already proving that it will assist franchisees in selling their units more quickly, at a higher price, for better terms, and at a lower cost to the owner. While it may sound too good to be true, if you review our program, you will see the value.

In our "Franchise Resale By Owner Program," we do not consider ourselves brokers in the transaction (and certainly don't charge fees of that magnitude). Instead, we serve as consultants, coaches, and marketing specialists. Remember, "If you knew what we know, you could sell your own franchise." Our goal is to facilitate the process economically.

Here are the key benefits you'll receive with our program:

1. We help you price your franchise and establish what will be sold, the amount of transition training that will be offered and if any financing terms will be available. Historically, many small business owners underprice their companies–especially service businesses. Our experience proves that the right price is critical to a smooth sale.

2. We write a 15 to 20 page Marketing Brochure that is given to interested prospects. This explains the offering, your motivations, the local demographics, your competitive status, and includes P&L summaries to substantiate the asking price. In addition, we profile the franchisor's success and include their qualification sheet. We present any negatives about the unit "in a positive light." We also include a written "Offer to Purchase" that is acceptable to you and the franchisor. We deliver several bound copies, original 8 ½ x 11's for making more copies, and we produce an Acrobat file for email distribution.

3. We show you how to advertise your business locally and teach you how to respond to buyer inquiries and conduct tours. We provide materials that you can use to help "educate" the buyers to the benefits of franchising and the justification of our pricing model.

4. We post "blind" information about the sale of your franchise on the Franchise Doctor's resale web site ( ) and we forward leads to you for follow-up. In addition, those who live in your area who register for franchise information on The Franchise Doctor's sister site ( will be notified that we have an existing franchise for sale near them.

5. When necessary, we'll screen buyers to ensure that employees and competitors don't learn of the pending sale. We'll also provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement to buyer prospects that will impress upon them the need to protect the confidentiality of the potential sale.

6. We give verbal &/or email advice to you as you negotiate with buyers. There are so many variables that need to be addressed in an offer and counteroffer, that sellers are relieved to have the guidance of a twenty-year veteran on their team.

7. Our years of experience also helps us counsel buyers, giving them insight into the "norm" of private business acquisitions, and guiding them toward an agreement acceptable to both the seller's and the buyer's needs. When needed, we can often help a buyer find additional funds to consummate the purchase.

8. If necessary, we guide you in your search for a qualified closing attorney.

9. We understand, believe in, and eat, sleep, and breathe, franchising! This will make a difference in the process!

Most agree this is quite an offering, yet we don't charge the usual 10 to 12% fees demanded by business brokers. Instead, we receive 2% of the asking price (with a $3,950 minimum). Naturally, we don't meet with nor tour buyers--which is the most time-consuming part of the business brokers' life. We will follow up with buyers who "wander off course," thereby diffusing the "desperate seller" syndrome.

To promote this service, our website provides additional educational material for both sellers and buyers to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Please send us an email, or call 800 220-8256 to explore how we may help you achieve your objective of selling your franchise. Email The Franchise Doctor now: (Don't Even Consider Selling Without Reading This Article! The Franchise Doctor set out to write 10 tips for franchise owners interested in selling. Be sure to review these 13 Great Free Ideas!

P.S.#2 As you explore the options to finding a new owner for your franchise, be sure to read: "Questions Business Brokers Hope You Won't Ask." This free information will better prepare you to determine if The Franchise Doctor or a local broker is your best solution.

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